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6 secrets to successful Facebook ad copywriting

04 . 10 . 2021 Copywriting By Kylie de Boer

With 4.2 billion people using social media as of January 2021, and 2.8 billion of them active Facebook users, Facebook ads offer a strategic marketing avenue. The key to Facebook’s advertising success is its targeting. The targeting allows you to get super clear and specific on who your ideal client is and the audience you want your ad to reach. Along with targeting, nailing the right Facebook ad copywriting is also a vital element.

Ways you can target your Facebook ads

Targeting allows you to hone in on your ideal customer, or customer avatar as it is also sometimes referred to. Getting specific about whom you want to target, and for what purposes, allows you to directly aim your ads at the right people. Some of the ways you can target your Facebook ads include:-

Facebook ad copywriting – is it important?

Short answer, yes. Facebook advertising is an investment, so making the most out of your investment is essential. Facebook ad copywriting can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful ad campaign. The right Facebook ad copywriting can capture attention, keep the user interested and ultimately guide and persuade them to click through.

Copy that excites, creates a lasting impression and ‘stops the scroll’ is key to a successful ad. If you have made the choice to invest in Facebook ads, then it is worth investing in good Facebook ad copywriting.

How to nail your Facebook ad copy

1. The headline matters

The headline is more often than not the first thing someone will see. Facebook limits its headlines to 40 characters and its newsfeed descriptions (the part under the headline used in some ads) to 30 characters. As you can see creating a headline that fits within the limits, is catchy, exciting and entertaining is not an easy task.

Personally, I feel it is easier to write the ad copy first, and the headline last, but others may find it the other way around. When writing your headline, write multiple options and test them out. The headline should give an indication as to what the ad is advertising and if possible, who it is targeted toward. It needs to attract attention and make someone want to click through.

2. Ensure your visual matches your copy

As a copywriter with a background in design, one of the things I always look at is not just the copy, but the visuals as well. Whilst it may seem unimportant, what image or video you use to accompany your ad copy, it actually plays a bigger and more important role than you may think.

Along with the headline, the visual is usually the first or second thing a person will see when viewing your Facebook ad. If your visual doesn’t match your ad, which I see a lot, then the user doesn’t get a clear message about what your ad is actually advertising. This can be the difference between them clicking and not clicking.

For example, if you are advertising an online course for beginner photographers but your image is a person in front of a computer, whilst the course may be online, the messaging is unclear as to what it is you are exactly selling. It most likely people will think your ad is about computers or technology. Whereas a photo or video of a camera or someone taking a photo, is a much better choice to portray a photography course even if it is an online course.

3. Be clear, short, direct and lead with value

Short and sweet is the aim of the game. You might tend to ramble on trying to fit in everything possible. But when it comes to Facebook ad copywriting it is about being short, clear, direct and leading with value.

Ideally 150 words is a good number to keep in your head for the maximum length of your ad. Generally, you don’t want to go over that. Less than this is absolutely fine as well, short form ads can be great. You have a limited time frame to grab attention, so it is important to:-

  1. Lead with value
  2. Articulate what it is your offering product/service
  3. Explain how it will benefit/ help them
  4. Tell them how to get it

4. One call to action

The most successful ads have one end goal. Whether you are trying to sell a product, generate leads or increase brand awareness, it is important to stay focussed with only one call to action.

If you have more than one call to action, Facebook users will not know what action you want them to take or where go next. If you have multiple end goals you need to create multiple Facebook Ads and ad campaigns each with their own single, clear call to action.

5. Simple language

Ad copy is not about being scientific or writing to a university grade level. Copywriting for Facebook ads needs to be simple, clear and easy to understand. Often it is recommended to aim at a grade 5 English level. Punctuation and grammar are still important, but an ad that is conversational and easily understood by varying levels of intellect is key. It is about being creative, humorous if it fits and even using emojis as well in your ad copy. A boring ad, not able to be understood won’t make someone want to take the next step.

Equally it is important that your ad is written in your business/ brands tone of voice or if it is coming from you, how you speak to your customers. Consistency is key in terms of the image you present.

6. Include price

I am often asked should the price be included. Typically, it is recommended if you are selling a service or a product, to include the price in the ad. This also applies to any discounts or specials being offered. If your price is for a limited time only, or 20% off, then include that in your ad. People want to know straight up what something costs, so always be transparent and clear from the get-go.

If your offering has different pricing structures with more details on the sales page then your ad may instead only list the discount available or refer to an early bird special, or other incentive.

Ultimately people love to see how much they are saving. So, including your special offer or discount if advertising a product or service increases the incentive and the desirability of the offer.

Facebook ad success

Nailing the perfect Facebook ad in terms of audience, the copy and the visual can be difficult. But remember sometimes it does take a bit of trial and error and tweaking to get it right. The great thing about Facebook is you can test different ads, headlines, visuals etc to see what works better.

Most importantly keep top of mind your end goal and the intention of your ad. In terms of the ad itself, strong, clever copy and visuals are key. It’s about getting noticed, stopping the scroll and ultimately turning a user into a buyer so that you turn a profit or generate leads.


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