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Angela Marshall Acupuncture

30 . 10 . 2021 By

For those that know me, you will know that I am a big advocate for viewing the body as a whole. Where the mind goes the body follows. A big focus here at Angela Marshall Acupuncture Brisbane for IVF and acupuncture, is not just the use of needles and acupressure, but also hypnosis. When we are able to drop into a sense of calm we can begin to reconnect with our bodies. We can learn to trust, love and support them. To be able to navigate the IVF journey from a place of calm can greatly assist in the chances of falling pregnant. The analogy you will often hear me use in relation to fertility is viewing yourself as a gardener. The body is the soil and without the right soil a seed will not grow. You need to tend to the soil- support and nourish your body to give the embryo the best soil to grow in. The seed also needs water, love and support to encourage it to grow.

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