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Optimising for google is one thing, but optimised SEO copywriting that not just pleases search engines, but is designed with humans in mind is a whole other ball game.

When it comes to SEO many people think it will be a quick sure-fire way to increase business. But SEO is a strategy, a long-term game that builds over time with patience, perseverance and the right targeted approach.

Working with an SEO copywriter can be a great way to work out the right approach for you and your business. Optimising your online content for SEO will go a long way toward improving your google ranking and searchability.


    When it comes to the art of SEO in the copy space, unlike other copywriters I look beyond just the words, taking into account the technical aspects of your site as well. You can have the most optimised piece of SEO copywriting, but if your site is technically letting you down then you are missing a key piece of the puzzle.

    An initial site audit will allow me to point you in the right direction technically so that when we dive into the specialised art of SEO copywriting, all pieces of the puzzle can synergistically work together.


    First up is finding the right target keywords for you and your business. As an SEO copywriter I will create content that is not only keyword optimised, but that speaks to the heart of your customers and clients. Copy that captivates and flows with seamless keyword integration.

    I will look into what keywords you are currently ranking for, if any, your industry, what customers search and more. Conducting in depth research to find the best keywords for each and every aspect of your business.


    Copywriting that is designed and formulated with SEO in mind can help you gain authority, build credibility, promote business growth and ultimately allow you to be found online. But not just amongst the pages and pages of a google search, but front and centre on page one.

    SEO copywriting adds value to not just website copy, but blog posts, and other online content sources. With the right strategy, mindset and approach SEO copywriting and SEO content writing can be a key factor in taking your business to the next level.

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