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Alignment and connection are at the heart of my business.

As a freelance copywriter and content strategist I work with small to large businesses and all those in between. Entrepreneurs, changemakers, business owners, those on a spiritual path and more. It is not about the title, it’s about alignment of values, communication, relationship and integrity.

It is about finding the right fit for us both. What you stand for, your vision, your values and your brand are at the forefront.

  • Process 1 / 6

    First things first

    Perhaps you found me or perhaps I found you. Let’s get to know each other and find out where you are at, what you are looking for and how can I help you?


  • Process 2 / 6

    Are we the right fit?

    Connection is key when it comes to finding the right fit for you and your business, let’s jump on a call or zoom and chat further. Alignment is a two-way street. I want you to feel confident and excited for the journey ahead. Honesty and integrity are first and foremost.

  • Process 3 / 6

    Ready to get started?

    I will put together a detailed proposal outlining everything you need to know to make the right choice for your business.

  • Process 4 / 6

    Project kick off

    Intuitive, collaborative, targeted and tailored. When it comes to gathering detail, it’s about finding the best process for you and your project. My approach adapts to suit the client, the brief and the project.

    I spend time researching, collating, gathering and finding out all I need to know in order to craft clear, concise, focussed and engaging copy that aligns with your vision, your voice and your customers.

  • Process 5 / 6

    The reveal

    I present version one to you, walking you through the approach, the result and all the details. We tweak and revise if needed before finalising and final deliverance of your copy.

  • Process 6 / 6

    The end is here

    I’ll deliver the final, approved copy for you to run with. I hope you love the result and are as excited as I am. Did you know I don’t just do one off projects, but retainer projects as well? Keen to continue creating together, let’s chat further!



Let’s discuss YOUR PROJECT

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